Friday, February 22, 2008

no bunny news ... but other news

Sorry about the long time in between post... but I was in the hospital this past sunday through wednesday... turns out my neck pain and dizziness were strokes! 3 of them total, all in my cerebellum... I am home already, but I do have some balance issues. Unfortunately, I do not know when my next bunny post will be, but my husband says he's been taking pictures for me. I'll get back to the bunnies hopefully in a week or so. Thank for your support! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baby Bunnies - Day Thirty & Thirty-one

This picture says it all... The babies love mom,
but mom could use some time away from them!

Not a whole lot new these past two day. Due to my neck pains I was not able to spend as much time as I would like with the baby buns - but I made sure to take pictures & clips!  I will say I have a treat for you readers (well, at least I think so..) - I got a very good video of a little bunny tongue!  It's very cute and sure to make you smile! I also have a very cute clip of one of them chewing... but mom decided to jump on me and I dropped the camera - it's still cute though. I hope you enjoy these little clips as much as I do!

Ps. Still looking for homes! We found a home for 'Whitey' with YowlYY in the UK, but that's a little far away and I don't know if we can 'fed ex' our bunny like Rabbit Guy.  Hopefully we'll put a blurb about them in our church bulletin this week....

Chewing with his mouth open...

Tongue action! Too cute!

Munching... until mom jumps on me & I drop my camera...

Mom & pop taking a break

Baby Bunnies - Day Twenty-nine

'I'm helping! I'll chew up the bills you don't want!'
Thanks Trouble... but that doesn't make them go away.....

Well, today's post is more of question really, so maybe those of you out there who have raised baby bunnies can help answer my question. It seems that the babies have learned an 'adult' activity and now do this more frequently. I know nothing can happen right now, but it's a bad habit and it's a little embarrassing because they do this when people come over to visit. I assume this is natural, but I am surprised that they are learning this at such a young age! What can I do? Should I start to separate them already? They are still nursing. If anyone knows anything about this, please leave a comment!

Naughty little bunnies....


Baby Bunnies - Day Twenty-eight

The babies just LOVE veggies! They get so excited when we bring them treats, and they all try to get around the bowl to eat... mom usually takes up most of the space though, so they have to bob their heads in, grab something and pull it further away.  We had a gallon bag filled with carrots, celery, and broccoli - it only lasted like 4 days! Those little bunnies eat a lot! They certainly are healthy! We have also gone through about 10 pounds of food in the last 2 weeks since they have been eating solid food! I can see why bunnies are so lethal to gardens! What veggie carnage! 


Baby carrots for baby bunnies! (Actually, it's just
what we happened to have on and at the time..)

This is a cute little clip of them eating, and also
'Trouble' finding my camera to be tasty. It's a must see!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Baby Bunnies - Day Twenty-six & twenty-seven

'That was excruciating. Don't you agree Paula?'

Not a whole lot going on these two days. My neck was particularly painful and I just laid low by watching tv - Rick Steve's travels to Ireland, the news (because of the 15 inches of snow we got), American Idol auditions, and The Moment of Truth. The little buns were very understanding and hung out with me for awhile on the couch. It's amazing how creatures can take your mind off of the pain. My hubby was kind enough to keep rotating different bunnies for me throughout these two days.  Despite all there was to explore down stairs where we were, the little buns were sweet and thoughtful enough to stay by me.

'We disapprove of them too, Simon... no 
golden ticket for you!'

'I can't see.... let me step on your head for a boost....'

Being coy...

Baby Bunnies - Day Twenty-five

'Mmm your hare smells fabulous! What shampoo
do you use?'

Today the poor little buns didn't get to play as much as they normally do. With my neck aches, taking them out of the cage several times a day is a bit of a chore.. but being the wonderful little buns they are, didn't seem to mind too much. They also got a new food today -broccoli! At first they seemed startled by the smell, but soon after dug their little teeth into the green stuff. They will honestly eat anything I bet! Other foods they enjoy are -carrots, celery, and bananas especially (bananers are special treats!). You should hear them eat bananas!  They make these cute little squishy sounds and their faces are a mess afterwards! I'll try and get some footage of that next time they get a banana.

Just a side note - even though I have 25 pet here at home (18 dwarf hamsters and 7 bunnies), while I wait for these videos to load, I often play Nintendogs & Hampsterz on my DS. Isn't that a little silly!?

Broccoli... this is interesting! We'll eat it anyways.

He looks like a little duck in the pic! I couldn't resist.

Mom being saintly as the babies run over
and into her...

'This is my food!'

'Ok, I guess I'll share..'

Baby Bunnies - Day Twenty-four

This one eats like our hamsters! - Sit in the food!

Well, my apologies for such a long time in between posts, I have a severely pinched nerve in my neck which makes me dizzy and gives me a constant headache. Today I am feeling relatively ok, so I'm going to try and catch up on some posts for you all. Thank you for all the encouraging words!

Day twenty-four, the little buns are mischievous as always and never fail to amuse. They stay up stairs, which is a relatively quiet part of the house, so when there's a loud noise, they all quickly hop back into their cage. Well, apparently I blow my nose too loud, because it sent all of them rushing into their nest - actually, three of them hid on the other side of the box!  Oops.
Well, they are rowdy as ever and are excited about everything - especially food! It's so fun to see them all rush to the food bowl and stick all their little faces in, or even sit in it! I also love the little munching sounds they make! It would put a smile on anyone's face.

Hiding from me blowing my nose. Sorry guys....

How many buns can we fit on mom's ledge =4

Using the water bottle like a good little bun!

Chow time!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sorry, no new posts...

My apologies for the lack of posts recently, I have had some serious neck problems and it hurts to sit at my computer. I made sure to take pictures and notes about the bunnies every day! I will post as soon as I can! Give me a day or two.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Baby Bunnies - Day Twenty-three


Well, I finally broke down and bought an exercise pen today.  My hubby and I haven't had the time to make one yet and those buns are restless (mama too)! The little bunnies need to run and that little hamster fence hardly holds them in for more than a few minutes. I really like the pen I got - I was much bigger than I expected! What you see in the pictures isn't the whole pen - half of it is wrapped around the other side of the cage.

 The babies had an absolute ball when I put them in the pen! They ran around and around, in and out of their 'crinkle tube', and explored the little 'hut' I made out of my husband's shoe box. They had so much fun!  I need to make a ramp for them to get safely in and out of the cage because I have the playpen hooked to their cage. Today I just put a bunch of towels over the ramp so no one's feet got caught.  I will figure out something better later - plus I'm with them while they are out, as to prevent accidents ( injury wise, not potty wise). 

The pen is pretty tall and all the panels are looped together so you don't have to click the panels together (much safer). The problem with this pen is that there are a lot of horizontal bars, not just vertical bars. This means that Mason, being the smart determined bunny she is, figured out that she can actually climb up the fence and hop out! I was very surprised when she did it right in front of me! I don't mind so much that she is out - she normally gets to run around that room without a pen.  We bunny-proofed that room and she has a litter box out there too - it's just that it would be nice if she stayed in the pen so that we could let her run around a little more during the day by leaving her cage door open into the playpen. Well, either way the babies can play safely and run, mom too. I think I will look around for a pen with no/few horizontal bars so that mom can't get out, and then return this one a little later.


Mom exploring & a good view of the 'crinkle tube'.

Here, there, & everywhere.

Mmmm... pet grass....

Chaos ensues....

Baby Bunnies - Day Twenty-two

I love this little clip! This was taken yesterday, but I
forgot to post it! Our little trouble maker was very
interested in mom's corner shelf, so much so, that he
tips over trying to see on top of it!

New food for babies today! About twice a week I like to give the adult bunnies a few apple slices for a treat, and so far the babies have ignored the slices.  When I was cutting the apples today, I made some smaller pieces and offered it to the little buns - they were quite excited! Most of them ate half of their piece... Mason (mom) was more than willing to eat any of the remnants the babies left.

A quick hello to all of my new readers! I hope that our little buns brighten your day a little bit - they certainly brighten mine! Thanks for all the comments! I really enjoy reading them!

And now back to your regularly scheduled cuteness...

Mmmm! Our first apple pieces!

Mason (mom, tan) taking a break from the babies
and talking to Arthur (dad, white). We have to keep
them separate for now - and for good reason until
we get papa 'fixed'.

'I want a big piece like mama!'

Baby Bunnies - Day Twenty-one

They are still babies and they get tuckered
out a lot 

Today they are eating a much more of mom's solid food. They also love eating timothy hay, and alfalfa hay especially. For some reason my bag of alfalfa hay doesn't have long strands of hay and there is a lot of really fine 'hay dust' in the bottom of the bag - I put some of that out for the babies and they went nuts! In an hour or so the whole bowl was gone. I bet mom is happy that the babies are interested in other types of food now! 

One of them learned a new trick today. One learned that he could jump up onto mom's little corner ledge!  He seemed rather proud of himself and was a little miffed when I tried to help him down. They are just like little toddlers!

'Tada! I got up on mommy's ledge!' This one is
the most energetic and is a rascal! This bun was
the one who first figured out how to escape the 
playpen too!

We like this stuff now!

Being stubborn and wanting to stay on the shelf,
you can almost see the disapproval look!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Baby Bunnies - On the Web

Hello! Just a big thanks to two websites that referenced our little buns & our fuzzy family blog!
Thank you to Bountiful Bunnies blog, and Thank you to A Houseful of Rabbits, a bunny rescue!
You can view what they wrote about us and the pictures they posted by clicking the two links below!