Friday, February 8, 2008

Baby Bunnies - Day Twenty-five

'Mmm your hare smells fabulous! What shampoo
do you use?'

Today the poor little buns didn't get to play as much as they normally do. With my neck aches, taking them out of the cage several times a day is a bit of a chore.. but being the wonderful little buns they are, didn't seem to mind too much. They also got a new food today -broccoli! At first they seemed startled by the smell, but soon after dug their little teeth into the green stuff. They will honestly eat anything I bet! Other foods they enjoy are -carrots, celery, and bananas especially (bananers are special treats!). You should hear them eat bananas!  They make these cute little squishy sounds and their faces are a mess afterwards! I'll try and get some footage of that next time they get a banana.

Just a side note - even though I have 25 pet here at home (18 dwarf hamsters and 7 bunnies), while I wait for these videos to load, I often play Nintendogs & Hampsterz on my DS. Isn't that a little silly!?

Broccoli... this is interesting! We'll eat it anyways.

He looks like a little duck in the pic! I couldn't resist.

Mom being saintly as the babies run over
and into her...

'This is my food!'

'Ok, I guess I'll share..'

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