Saturday, February 2, 2008

Baby Bunnies - Day Twenty-three


Well, I finally broke down and bought an exercise pen today.  My hubby and I haven't had the time to make one yet and those buns are restless (mama too)! The little bunnies need to run and that little hamster fence hardly holds them in for more than a few minutes. I really like the pen I got - I was much bigger than I expected! What you see in the pictures isn't the whole pen - half of it is wrapped around the other side of the cage.

 The babies had an absolute ball when I put them in the pen! They ran around and around, in and out of their 'crinkle tube', and explored the little 'hut' I made out of my husband's shoe box. They had so much fun!  I need to make a ramp for them to get safely in and out of the cage because I have the playpen hooked to their cage. Today I just put a bunch of towels over the ramp so no one's feet got caught.  I will figure out something better later - plus I'm with them while they are out, as to prevent accidents ( injury wise, not potty wise). 

The pen is pretty tall and all the panels are looped together so you don't have to click the panels together (much safer). The problem with this pen is that there are a lot of horizontal bars, not just vertical bars. This means that Mason, being the smart determined bunny she is, figured out that she can actually climb up the fence and hop out! I was very surprised when she did it right in front of me! I don't mind so much that she is out - she normally gets to run around that room without a pen.  We bunny-proofed that room and she has a litter box out there too - it's just that it would be nice if she stayed in the pen so that we could let her run around a little more during the day by leaving her cage door open into the playpen. Well, either way the babies can play safely and run, mom too. I think I will look around for a pen with no/few horizontal bars so that mom can't get out, and then return this one a little later.


Mom exploring & a good view of the 'crinkle tube'.

Here, there, & everywhere.

Mmmm... pet grass....

Chaos ensues....


Fiona Bun said...

Gosh they are growing up so fast!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Boy do they grow! They look really happy! Duh ...

That is the same pen we got for the Fed-Ex buns. No mom, so no climbing out. Eventually we added some similar cage wire and made it even bigger.

I bet mom needs to get away from them some, eh?

We put big pieces of fleece over the plastic to be softer on their feet, and then washed it about every other day!!!

Startin' to get homes lined up???

Shelly said...

Yes grow very rapidly! It's fun to watch.

I've been fortunate as of late, I think mom figured out that I wanted her to stay in the pen because I kept putting her back in when she would hop out - the last day or so she has been very good & stays in the pen with the babies. She's a good bunny.

Mom flops down in the pen and the babies tear around and even run into or over her... she's a good sport!

Right now we have a tarp underneath the pen- it's easy to sweep up the hay & 'recycled hay' and we us paper towels for any puddles, and then use some water and a little vinegar to clean it at the end of the day. Seems to work well.

We are talking to a lot of people about finding homes for them. We have some members of our church interested in them, hopefully they will say 'yes'. I really rather find them homes with people we know ... I'll do craigslist only if necessary. Do you have any suggestions regarding finding homes?

FrecklesandDeb said...

It looks like you've built them quite a home! It's such fun to watch them grow up!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Perhaps an ad in the paper and you offer to help potential adoptees learn how to care for and house a house-rabbit. Maybe give them a copy of the House Rabbit Society book. I'll be posting the little "care" package we did with our last to go!

DKM said...

You might check with your local HRS. I've found that people looking for buns via craigslist are looking normally for snake food or worse.