Saturday, February 2, 2008

Baby Bunnies - Day Twenty-one

They are still babies and they get tuckered
out a lot 

Today they are eating a much more of mom's solid food. They also love eating timothy hay, and alfalfa hay especially. For some reason my bag of alfalfa hay doesn't have long strands of hay and there is a lot of really fine 'hay dust' in the bottom of the bag - I put some of that out for the babies and they went nuts! In an hour or so the whole bowl was gone. I bet mom is happy that the babies are interested in other types of food now! 

One of them learned a new trick today. One learned that he could jump up onto mom's little corner ledge!  He seemed rather proud of himself and was a little miffed when I tried to help him down. They are just like little toddlers!

'Tada! I got up on mommy's ledge!' This one is
the most energetic and is a rascal! This bun was
the one who first figured out how to escape the 
playpen too!

We like this stuff now!

Being stubborn and wanting to stay on the shelf,
you can almost see the disapproval look!


Rabbits' Guy said...

Ho Ho ... Mr. Stubborn there has that white "Nose in the cream bowl" mark like our little black boy Racer!

Things are going to start getting hectic!!!! And ... lots of hay means lots of ..... well ... you know.

Sophia said...

Baby disapproval! HEE!

Sophia said...

BTW - that little tummy just might be the end of me!