Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Baby Bunnies - Day Eighteen & Nineteen

Ahhh! Bright light!

Well,  yesterday the babies figured out where mom's food is and how to nibble on it. Today some of them learned how to use the water bottle.  A few of them still need to find it - but they all learn quickly.  Mom gets super stressed out by them now that they hop all over the cage. The only safe place she can sit is on the little corner ledge that sits off of the floor. We are thinking of ways to give them more room... maybe we'll add some of those click-together wire storage cubes on a tarp so that they have a play area. We'll let you know how it goes.  If anyone else has some suggestions, let me know.

Oh, also two of them have figured out how to get over the little play fence we use to try and keep track of them... I'll post a video of them escaping the fence tomorrow.

Hmmm... what's this!

Here you can see them eating some hay... I love
how the one in the back has a single piece 
hanging out of his mouth. This is a very cute clip.

You can see them first trying out the water
bottle in this clip. I like how he kind of bites
at it instead of licking. He got the hang of it 
quickly though.

'Hey guys.. look at this!'

'Whitey' playing king of the (plastic) castle..

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