Friday, January 25, 2008

Baby Bunnies - Day Thirteen

Everyone likes a good hug...

Now that they all can see, the babies are a little more willing to explore things.  They can keep their eyes open as long as they like, but they are babies, and they  get tired quickly. So far they have stayed in their nesting box in mom's cage - they haven't really wondered around there. 

Well, today I found them checking out their cage on their own. They were very excited to nibble on pieces of timothy hay. They can't really eat the hay yet, but they really enjoy chewing on it. They will be nursing for a while still, but it's good that they are interested in solid food.

You can see the babies behind mom, not in
their usual box

Sitting in mom's food...

They get sleepy very fast

Here's a little clip of "Whitey" wondering 
around. He goes up to papa (Arthur) and 
Whitey is literally a mini Arthur!

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