Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Baby Bunnies - Day Five

"Wanna see me feet?"

Well, a little bit of news for today...

1. More fur...

2. A little more vocal today when woken up

3. Babies are starting to move their ears! If you touch their nose their ears go up a little.  They can't keep their ears up for long, but they are definitely moving them. 

4. Their eyelids are getting more defined as well as their ears. 

Poor Pinky, kinda the odd bun out. I think it's
rather clear that Mason's (mom) genes are 
the dominant ones!

Apparently it was warmer up my sleeve....

I like this little one a lot. He's my buddy & gives
me little kisses. He's got a little white streak on 
his face, just like his mommy. None of the others
have that streak, but one does have a little white
diamond on it's forehead.

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