Saturday, January 12, 2008

Baby Bunnies - Day Three

Day three - babies watch their first Packer game! Mason (mom) seemed like she needed a little time away from the kids, so I brought their box down stairs & we watched the playoffs. Well, I watched and the buns kept me company... their eyes are not open yet. One happily napped in my hand, curled up on my sweatshirt. It was nice.  Again, not a whole lot of change today but they are definitely  growing...

1. They have a little thin coat of fur! There's just a little layer of peach fuzz they are all getting! You can see their colors a little more as well.

2.  Little buns are very active. They know how to dig and crawl, roll over, and they are getting slightly faster at it too! You have to watch out cause there's always one trying to sneak away!

3. I finally was able to get a picture of their fur, whiskers, and teeth... I hope you enjoy!

See their teeth & whiskers!


You can see their darker coats & tiny bit of fur

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