Friday, January 11, 2008

Baby Bunnies - Day One

My husband and I love pets. Those of you who know this, are aware that our house looks like a pet shop. We have an entire living room lined with hamster cages for our many dwarf hamsters, and we also have two boy bunnies - or so we thought

 See, yesterday morning we found out that one of our bunnies is actually a girl. Both bunnies have their own cages but we often let them out to run together - we almost always supervise them because sometimes they don't get along.  So, what tipped me off that Mason was a girl is when I found 5 baby bunnies in her cage on Thursday morning! Ahh!

Well, despite our initial shock, we think this will be a fun experience and we'd like to share it with you!  So I will be taking pictures & telling you what we learn about them!

They attempted to make a nice line for us so that we 
could see them all... the one on the bottom didn't feel
like joining though..

Look at those tiny ears!

Ok, so day one

1. I found the babies on the towel in Mason's cage, under a huge pile of fur. The fur freaked me out initially, but I did some research and that's what mom bunnies are supposed to do. They use their fur for a nest to keep the babies warm. So Mason is being a good mommy.

2. Babies are born hairless, sightless, and deaf. They are about 3-4 inches long and they have tiny claws. When you pick them up they squiggle around a lot and they also like to dig. They are also pretty good at scooting around their nest by pulling themselves with their front arms.

3. I read about making a nesting box for the babies. See, since they roll around soo much, it's good to cut a U shape out of a box so that mom can hop in and out to feed them, but it also prevents the babies from rolling out of the nest. After holding a little bun for a minute I realized why this box was important! They are very squirmy!

4. They do squeak a little bit, usually if one of them crawls on top of the other, or if Mason steps on them a little bit. They're ok if she does it because they have towels & fur below them and fur on top too.  They also stay very toasty warm in their nest. 

That's about all for day one. They don't do a whole lot right now. Oh, and Mason is fabulous. If we hadn't seen the fur pile, we would have never known she had babies. Her cage, the babies, and she herself were all nice and clean! Mason was happy to run around for over an hour that very morning. Even though she took out a lot of fur for the nest, you'd never know it when you look at her! Well, enjoy the pictures & I'll keep you updated tomorrow!

Here's Mom (Mason) checking on the babies.

Here's Papa (Arthur), seeming rather proud.

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