Friday, January 25, 2008

Baby Bunnies - Day Fourteen & Fifteen

This little one is helping me study ... she seems
rather interested in graphic design like me!

These little buns are VERY fluffy and now are very good at getting around. They can climb up little edges - like the edge of the dog bed, as well as their nesting box. They are getting so good at walking that they are starting to run a little now. To contain everyone, we've started to use our little hamster fences so we don't lose anyone. They will out grow those fences soon, but in the mean time they'll do. 

Today I gave them some tiny dried papaya pieces - they nibbled on them but they are still not able to eat the whole little piece yet- just tiny tiny bites. All of the babies are just blossoming and we are starting to see their 'personalities'. Each one is very healthy and each are okay with being held and petted. It's hard to not become attached to the little guys - they are soo cute and sweet! I often call them my "mini muses" because I am just fascinated by them and love to learn about them. I also bring them down stairs in their doggie bed and they keep me company while I write these blogs or when I study. 

I sincerely pray that we are able to find good homes for them all. I don't want them to end up at the humane society or at a pet shop, or even worse - given as 'Easter bunnies' and then neglected or "let go".  People actually let their domestic bunnies "go" outside once the person is board with them. Domestic bunnies are bred to be pets- they are nothing like wild bunnies and will not survive. That scares me a lot, and I REALLY really hope to find these bunnies a great home. Well, I guess I can worry about that a little later.......  *sigh* 

Mmm.... hay

Micro bunny

Look at how fluffy they are! They are soo soft!

Trying to eat hay

My mini muses by my computer, keeping me company...


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