Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Baby Bunnies - Day Seventeen

The babies love to play in their little 'crinkle'
tube we bought them.

Today when I came by to see the babies this afternoon, I noticed mom's food bowl was very empty. Normally there's a little something in it, especially since I feed mom like 3 times a day, so it was odd that the bowl was bare. So I put some food in the bowl, and much to my surprise - the babies stuck their faces in it! They could only eat a few little pieces, but they seemed pretty pleased to be eating like mom.

We make sure that everyone has lots of play time now - so mom can get away from the little buns, and so that the little buns can stretch their little bouncy legs. They are quite proficient at running now. We have that small hamster fence to keep them safe... but I'm sure they will figure out how to get out of it soon.

Babies are very interested in mom's food now
and are starting to eat it.

My dear husband found our camping chairs
to be useful in the winter months as well....

These little guys run around so fast now it
gets harder and harder to get a good picture of them

This one knows he can get over our little fence...


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