Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Baby Bunnies - Day Seven

Happy one week old babies! I peeked back at my day one post and I am surprised at how much these little buns have grown! They are getting fuzzier and cuter by the day. Today I really noticed how white "pinky" is turning. He's finally to look much less pink. Also, they are getting a little better at not rolling over so much, and if they have they chance they will scoot to any place that is warm - mom, nest, your hand, up my sweater sleeves... I'm just excited for next week, because they say at about day 11 their eyes start to open, and by day 14/15, they are able to hop around a little. Should be a ton of fun!

You can start to see little dark patterns on this
one's face. Mom's face it kinda like that too, with
some darker spots.

Pinky is looking whiter.  Even at the end of today
he looked different from what he looked like 
this morning when this picture was taken.

Relaxin' on a cozy blanket... They are really 
starting to look more like bunnies instead of 
weird little fuzzy things.  : ) 

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